Always vigilant to guarantee food safety

The Plan de Maîtrise Sanitaire (the French government’s health control plan) guarantees food safety on a national level. This strict system based on Good Hygiene Practices was developed on a cross-sector scale and approved by the government.

As well as this, the application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), a rigorous method of analysing the dangers linked to food safety, identifies the critical points to be controlled and enables suitable preventative measures and operational checks to be developed.

SVA Jean Rozé’s health policy also includes:
-    a microbiological and physiochemical self-testing plan
-    a continuing education programme on hygiene and quality
-    high-performance tools cold chain inspection

All of our industrial sites have been awarded European approval from the government (Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations, which handles social protection services).

  All of our sites and businesses have been awarded official seals of quality:
-  Joint trade schemes (VBF [French beef], 100% muscle)
-  Product compliance programmes (beef, lamb, pork)
-  System certification (ISO 9001 - IFS)
-  Accreditation (HIA, MC KEY, DAVIGEL, etc.)

Traceability of meat products:
Any requested information can be provided. An independent testing organisation verifies that our specifications have been complied with.

SVA Jean Rozé guarantees traceability for all its meat, from the birth of the animal to the moment it is picked off the shelf by a consumer.

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