Our history

It all began in Brittany, in the village of Balazé, in the late 19th century. The Rozé family ran a butcher shop there, which was known for the quality of its meat.
Descended from this line of dedicated butchers who loved what they did, Jean and Louis Rozé began travelling the countryside at a young age in search of the best livestock.
In 1955, the two brothers founded a slaughtering and wholesale meat company: Société Vitréenne d’Abattage (the Vitré slaughtering company).
In the 70s, SVA built an abattoir in Vitré, in western France, to meet increasing market demand.
Throughout the 80s and 90s, the company developed its industrial process in order to satisfy new customer expectations, and it developed a solid logistics network that covers all of mainland France. Several slaughtering facilities in western France were acquired to increase production capacity: Liffré, Trémorel, and La Guerche de Bretagne. Processing and product development plants, called “Saviels”, were created to support changes in the way products are consumed.
Affiliated with the Les Mousquetaires Group, SVA Jean Rozé is one of today’s most active operators in the French meat industry.

  1955: Société Vitréenne d’Abattage was founded.

1974: SVA acquires Vitré’s municipal abattoir.

1993: SVA launches the Jean Rozé brand.

2001: SVA Jean Rozé becomes a Les Mousquetaires affiliate.

2005: Plein Sud, SVA Jean Rozé’s company crèche, opens its doors.

Founded in 1955, SVA Jean Rozé is a family business and an innovative player in the industry.

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