A strong presence across all markets.

SVA Jean Rozé works mainly with the food sales outlets of the Les Mousquetaires Group, with whom it is affiliated. We fill the shelves of traditional butchers as well as the self-service counters in medium and large super-markets.

Within the export market, we have developed business relationships in the Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese markets.

To diversify our business, we are also able to meet the needs of industrial manufacturers and food service companies.

Agréments Export
FR-35.360.005-CE : Etablissement Vitré (siège)
FR-35.152.001-CE : Etablissement Liffré
FR-22.371.001- CE : Etablissement Trémorel
FR-35.360.011- CE : Etablissement "Vitré - allée J. Cugnot"

  Volume of sales per market
in 2012

Supermarkets: 53%
Industry: 27 %
Exports: 18%
Food service: 2 %

SVA Jean Rozé's offering is diverse in terms of both species and products, positioning it in all of the markets in the meat industry.

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