Saving resources

We educate all of our operators about how they can use water and energy reasonably in their daily tasks. Consumption meters are checked regularly in order to anticipate excess usage. Energy- and water-efficient equipment has been installed.

Doing this has significantly reduced our water consumption, even with ever-greater requirements for hygiene. Likewise, we are constantly improving our use of energy.

Our desire to protect the environment has also taken the form of Société Armoricaine de Valorisation Energétique (SAVE), which we founded in July 2002. This organic matter incineration plant was designed to be compliant with future regulation changes. A large investment has provided access to the best available technology. The removal of the land application of sludge from the water treatment plant actively aids in the resorption of nitrogen and phosphorous. This organic matter now provides energy by producing steam for the neighbouring  Cornillé site.
  SAVE :

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The food industry's stringent health regulations require high consumption of water and energy.

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