Controlling environmental impact

Our business generates three kinds of waste: benign, special, and organic.

Steps are taken on every site to reduce the quantity of waste produced and to increase its rate of recovery (recycling or energy recovery). These strategies mostly apply to staff awareness and the materials available to them.

Wastewater is processed at our own water treatment plants or in the municipal water treatment plant following pre-treatment on our sites. The input flows of pollutant arriving to the plant are tested and at-source pollution retention actions are taken. These actions reduce the amount of processed pollutants, therefore generating less sludge from water treatment.
  Special industrial waste: used oil, batteries, neon lights, etc.

Benign industrial waste: cardboard, wood, glass, plastic.

Organic industrial waste: slaughter by-products that are classified into three categories depending on their recovery potential (human, animal, destruction, etc.).

All industrial activity generates waste, especially wastewater, which should be managed responsibly.

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