Using by-products

By enforcing strict environmental regulations here at SVA Jean Rozé, we have been able to develop outlets that optimise recovery of the fifth quarter in different sectors. We are also committed to our drive towards responsible development.

Founded in 2001, Cornillé SAS processes part of the recoverable bovine by-products for use in industry or animal feed.

Société Armoricaine de Valorisation Energétique (SAVE, an energy recovery company) incinerates and recovers energy from animal and water treatment plant by-products generated by the company’s production units.

Working on product quality in an industry that has been highly regulated since the BSE crisis, SVA Jean Rozé has gained recognition within its field. We have been able to develop a production standard that has become an industry benchmark, from hides to the sale of tallow.

SVA Jean Rozé has also been successful in mobilising its own teams and partners in ambitious projects, soliciting the maximum effort from all involved. Each operator contributes, every day and every step of the way, to improving the quality of finished by-products: from collection at the abattoir, to transportation and storage.

In order to get the most out of the fifth quarter and maintain a competitive advantage in this industry, SVA Jean Rozé is pursuing its research and innovation policy.

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The fifth quarter includes everything that is not intended for the butcher : hides, nails, hooves, etc.

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