Meat processing

Boasting high-performance equipment, SVA Jean Rozé and its subsidiaries control each stage of meat processing: from slaughter to finished product.

The 1st and 2nd stages of processing involve the initial cutting and boning of the carcass. At SVA Jean Rozé, we process beef, veal, and lamb, while Gatine Viandes processes pork.

The 3rd and 4th steps involve cutting muscles into meat cuts and making processed products such as mince, sausages, and seasonal products. These steps are carried out in the Saviel France processing plants.

The 5th stage in processing is producing cooked products. These products are developed by Saviel France in order to diversify the range of products and cater to new trends in meat consumption.


With adult cattle, SVA Jean Rozé specialises in boning whole carcass sides from butcher-quality animals.

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