Maintaining close ties with stockbreeders

- Stockbreeding business.
With our strong connections to stockbreeding, we fully participate in beef, veal, and lamb production.
Our stockbreeding business covers three areas:
-    Butcher-quality veal
-    The SVA Jean Rozé farm
-    Butcher-quality lamb
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- Stockbreeder partnerships
Always by the stockbreeder’s side, here at SVA Jean Rozé we support the development of breeding methods in line with consumer expectations. We have been able to set up partnerships with production structures as part of our official approach, as well as with recognised seals of quality such as Bœuf de nos Régions (BNR) and Agneau de nos Régions (ANR).
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- Coordination and communication
As a renowned industrial manufacturer in the meat sector, we endeavour to strengthen the bond between every link in the chain. When consumers meet stockbreeders, and when stockbreeders meet butchers, mutual expectations can be understood.
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SVA Jean Rozé's logistics system makes it possible to procure livestock from all of France's production areas.

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