Promoting professional training to increase performance

SVA Jean Rozé believes in the importance of supporting our teams in their professional development, and heavily invests in their training.

We are especially committed to part-time learning, and give a special welcome to employees on apprenticeships or those studying towards professional qualifications. During these essential, decisive phases, each new arrival is managed and monitored by an employee-tutor.

The integration of new employees revolves around the sharing of knowledge and know-how. Training in health, hygiene, and safety regulations is provided at each stage of the process.

The training process enables every employee to play an active role in his career path. SVA Jean Rozé offers support that is tailored to business needs (technological developments, regulatory requirements, etc.) as well as to the employees’ wishes.

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training in meat-industry career paths

Training develops skills, improves performances, overcomes economic challenges, and ensures the best possible customer service.

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