The Plein Sud crèche: a perk for our employees

The Plein Sud crèche takes children aged 2œ months - 6 years old.
It has a capacity of 45, which break down into 3 groups of 15 children:
• L’île aux étoiles (Starry Island) : from 2œ months to 14–15 months
• Le jardin des papillons (Butterfly Garden) : from 14–15 months to 2 years
• Le palais des lutins (Elven Palace) : children aged 2 and older
Children and parents enjoy the modern, light-filled space. Three spacious areas are reserved for the children, who also have access to a large garden with a vegetable patch.

The highlights of the Plein Sud educational programme are broken down depending on the group and children’s age:
• Individual routines are respected and everyone receives personal attention
• Early-learning activities and games where they learn how to be creative.
• Children become progressively more independent
• They learn how to live as part of a group

A personal project of SVA Jean Rozé’s Chief Executive, Plein Sud shows that a company crèche is a solution for the future.


The aim of the crèche is to help parents participate in the education of their children. So those who wish to do so are welcome to take part in some of the early-learning activities.

15 qualified early years childcare professionals look after the children every day.

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