Guaranteeing good working conditions for our employees

SVA Jean Rozé wasted no time in installing new automation and robotic technologies which took some of the load off the operators.

Beyond technical solutions, at SVA Jean Rozé we adopt a comprehensive strategy towards working conditions that places as much importance on the role played by employees as on technologies.

Multi-discipline work groups composed of operators, the CHSCT and the company’s safety department regularly evaluate risks in order to establish preventive and protective measures for users.

The growing number of female employees has also given the company reason to modify the ergonomics of certain workstations in order to make them less strenuous.

By building the human dimension into our industrial activity here at SVA Jean Rozé, we are constantly improving working conditions across all of our sites.


: Comité d’Hygiène, de Sécurité et des Conditions de Travail (committee on hygiene, safety, and working conditions). The committee works towards protecting employee health and safety. 

Operators perform a 5-minute warm-up so that they start their day in good physical condition. This lowers the risks of RSI and accidents.

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